October 31, 2016


Written By Ciara Johnson

As a player in the game of small business DBTI started out like most with a pocket full of dreams and the vision to make it happen. The brand uses owner Robin Waters’ lifestyle photography as the main focal point on both prints and campaign images, setting the project up to ride its own wave from the start. On top of the visual aspect DBTI also takes pride in the streamline of eco-conscious and ethical small businesses that come together to create and move each collection; making the whole DBTI brand culminated on supporting small business within the US and Canada.

With the everyday influence of advertisements and now of our peers via social media, we are constantly reminded that here in the Western World there is one common quick fix for all of our animalistic needs; consumption. More often than not we are apt to head to the big chain stores run by big corporations for a fix, however it’s actually the small businesses both locally and online that are making major impacts not only on our shopping experience but also on our economies, locally and nationally.

According to the Business Insider and the Small Business Association, small businesses not only out number large corporations but they also employ more than half of the nations private workforce and make up 44% of the country’s payroll making small businesses highly impressionable on the U.S. national economy.

Diving deeper, here are some great reasons to shop small:

1) Small businesses tend to set the trends that we later see mass produced by chain and big box stores.

  • Sad but true, particularly in fashion. Larger companies tend to trend forecast based off what the small guys are doing and then later present it to the mass market for less and as a result, lesser quality.

2) You are supporting people who are just like you rather than lining the pockets of corporate greed when you shop small.

  • Supporting small businesses means you’re supporting a persons dreams and hard work to achieve them; each order and positive interaction gives the confidence to persevere the challenges that arise when pursuing your passion.

3) Damn The Man.

  • “The Man” is essentially owned by the big guys. The interests of big corporations more often than not sway the laws and regulations that govern and affect our lives directly in many ways; so when you shop small you are saying f**k you to the man every time.
  • For example; buy what groceries and gifts you can from a local independent business that stocks small and niche brands etc.

4) Small businesses make a major economic impact.

  • According to SBA since the 90s big businesses have eliminated over 4 million jobs, while small businesses have added 8 million jobs. The more you shop small the more potential job opportunities you provide.

5) Provide a one on one and meaningful shopping experience.

  • Small business owners tend to be more personable and hands on with their customers needs and the overall order process leaving you feeling like you’ve made a meaningful and memorable purchase.

6) Create a sense of community.

  • You are more likely to build relationships with small business owners and staff that are likely to remember you and your preferences.

7) Have a massive impact on the national economy.

  • Small businesses out number corporations and make up almost 50% of the country’s payroll.

8) Keeps money within the community and enhances the local economy.

9) You will own something unique and limited.

  • Small businesses typically produce small runs of a product or collection. This often means no overseas manufacturing (NO sweatshops) and a US or Canadian made product. 
  • A limited or small run mean if you were lucky enough to get your hands on one, you are likely one of the very few that will own it in that particular print or style. 

10) Small businesses tend to buy from other small businesses.

  • Contributing to their neighbouring business’ success.
  • DBTI works with local sewers to provide families with income directly. Removing the middle man means one less step in the production process and less 'off the top' for the people who are doing the work. 

11) Small businesses dictate their own prices to remain competitive.

  • Small businesses often offer great sales and promotions especially for the quality of the product you are receiving, ultimately because they have more control and flexibility over margins.

12) Small business owners are generally well informed and experienced in their field making them better equipped to answer your questions and are often willing to go above and beyond to provide innovative solutions for their customers.

13) They create a better shopping environment. Which tends to be low-key with less crowds and long lines.

14) Give more to good causes.

  • According to AMIBA local businesses donate twice as much to charitable causes as big chain stores.


It’s remarkable to think about how much of an impact small businesses have on our everyday lives. The amount of time, commitment and labor that goes into making these businesses come to life and stay alive is awe inspiring. It’s not about making purchases based on dirt-low pricing and free shipping but what has a positive affect on our local and national economies, caring about where a product came from and ultimately feeling good about the purchases you are making.

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