July 02, 2015

While the majority of our prints are shot on film - this is the first look book to be shot on 35 mm. The SALT WATER IN THE WOUND campaign from this past Winter was meant to be photographed on film as well but we had some technical issues when the ocean took hold of my analog camera - luckily we kept the digital camera in tact to capture those memorable photographs of Dajana in Tulum (December 2014). 

This Spring I decided to shoot the new pieces one on one with a friend on a quiet beach in my hometown area on Georgian Bay, Ontario Canada. Veronica hasn't done any modelling outside of working with me and it's been my preference to work with amateurs from the beginning as I feel the result is much more honest, raw and effortless. I took inspiration this time around from a combination of old Coppertone adverts and smut films of the 70's era. The new looks bring a range of burnt oranges, black, white and turquoise to the already existing array of colors offered on our designs. xx

Photography by ROBIN WATERS



Typography by NOAH BRENNAN

Rings by INDIE AND HARPER necklace by KATE DAVIS 

Swimwear by DBTI x AMARA SWIM

part two coming soon ... 


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Size Chart


  XS S M L
RELATIVE SIZE 0-2 2-4 6-8 8-10
CUP SIZE A - B B - C C - D  C - D
BUST 32" - 33" 33" - 34" 34" - 36" 36" - 38"
WAIST 23" - 25" 26" - 27" 28" - 29" 30" - 32"
HIP 34" - 35" 36" - 37" 38" - 39" 40" - 42"



XS/S 33" - 36"
M/L 37" - 40"


  S M L
LENGTH 27" 27.5" 28"
SWEEP 20" 21" 22"


Any questions about sizing direct your emails to hello@dontblowtheillusion.com we will respond as quickly as possible.